How China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia diagnosed in March 27th exceeded 80 thousand, surpassing China as the number one in the world?

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is now relatively clear that the medical system of the developed countries can control the mortality of new crown pneumonia below 1%.

The death rate starts to exceed 2% because the medical system is out of control. After that, the death rate will rapidly move to 10%.

Italy, Spain and Wuhan have all demonstrated it.

According to the available data, the number of ICU beds per capita in Germany and the United States is about three times that in Italy, and the population in the United States is about four times that in Germany,.

Italy began to collapse at the time of diagnosis of 20000, while the number of confirmed cases in the United States exceeded 300000 is the watershed of mortality.

At least at present, Germany has confirmed more than 40000 cases, and the medical treatment can still withstand it. Then the United States can support at least 200000 cases.

At present, the number of confirmed cases in the United States has the impact of rising testing capacity. It is estimated that it will take another 2-3 weeks for more than 300000 cases.

18-year-old boy studying in the United States returned to China for diagnosis!

In March 23rd, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work press conference in Beijing introduced 22 overseas cases imported from abroad.


College students studying in the United States arrived in Beijing to make a diagnosis:

Shopping and dining without masks

Chen, male, 18 years old, born in Tianjin, is a student of Dulan University. The self-reported 14 days before the onset of the disease mainly in school activities, shopping in supermarkets, eating out, shopping, did not wear masks. On March 17, there was a sore throat and other symptoms. On March 19, he left New Orleans in the United States, transferred to Beijing on flight ca986 via Houston and San Francisco, and arrived in Beijing on March 20. At the time of Customs quarantine, they took the initiative to report the symptoms such as sore throat and dry cough, measured the temperature of 37.4 ℃, and then were taken to the designated area for health monitoring, and sent to Xiaotangshan Hospital from 120. On the 22nd, he was diagnosed as a confirmed case.

“We found in the flow survey that many imported cases go out to the supermarket and shopping without masks, and still have dinner parties, parties and close contact with people.” Pang Xinghuo once again reminded us that the number of cases imported from abroad is still increasing. It is suggested that during the period of high epidemic situation, overseas personnel should reduce going out, party and dinner, and close contact with others. In case of fever, cough and other symptoms, it is necessary to visit local medical institutions in time, and comply with the relevant requirements of local infectious disease prevention and control.

Why is NHL a middle class movement?

Interesting questions.

I haven’t heard the saying that “NHL is a middle class movement”. NHL (professional ice hockey league) is the top professional player’s competition, with us

These ordinary people have nothing to do with it, so I guess that the topic of group leader may be one or both of the following two questions

Both are:

  1. Is ice hockey a sport that only the middle class (or above) can afford?
  2. Do players who can reach NHL need at least a middle-class family background?

My idea is:

When adults play hockey, they don’t need to be middle class, but the poor can’t afford it;

The basic needs for children to learn ice hockey come from middle-class families. Most of the people who play well and go to work come from wealthy families.

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Authentic knowledge sharing of MLB Baseball Cap

Often see netizens ask if the hat is a genuine MLB baseball cap? I have been in the hat industry for 20 years, 14 of which have been working on MLB baseball caps. Therefore, I will share my experience and knowledge with you on Zhihu.

MLB’s concession

MLB sold its license to three American companies: new era, 47brand, Nike. That is to say, in the United States, only these three companies can design, produce and sell MLB baseball caps. But for this franchise cake, new era gets the biggest one, 47 brand takes the second place, and Nike is the smallest. Twenty years ago, MLB sold its franchises to many companies. As long as the franchise fee was paid, the logo of MLB could be used on the hat. However, since 2004, the MLB franchise has only been sold to the above three companies, and the remaining companies can no longer use the logo of MLB. The contract is signed every five years.

Why does new era take the biggest piece of cake? New era is authorized to make player’s flat hat, that is, the hat players wear when playing on the court. There is no doubt that this kind of hat is the most popular with fans and the best selling style. New era closed flat cap is called 5950. 47 brand is famous for making water washed baseball caps in the United States. Its main styles, such as French and clean up, are all water washed caps. The front one is closed, and the back one is adjustable. Nike’s style is performance cap. Outside the United States, new era can sell MLB baseball caps in global markets.

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The evolution of Jordan’s killing in 1998

In the previous article, I have mentioned that Jordan ‘s 1998 kill was not random, but a routine he practiced. It was also destined to be selected into one of our top 100 unsolvable singles attack routines. In this article, for the first time, we will start to explain the technical evolution of this classic kill ball in 1998.

We will have several articles to explain this ball later. Although it’s just a ball, it involves a lot of information, including the evolution of technology itself and some key points of technology. This time, we’ll explain the origin of Jordan’s killing.

We all know that Jordan is a very strict person for himself. I have mentioned it many times in the article before. Jordan has a very persistent habit, that is, he likes to study the video of each game. After each game, he will watch the video of this game in the evening of the same day to sum up his successes and shortcomings. Later, the technology was directly transported It is used in the post-war summary of each team, and the coach analyzes everyone’s gain and loss according to the video.

We often say that there is no accidental success. For the top players in the NBA, they always have a very persistent spirit of striving for perfection. This is the most obvious thing for Kobe Bryant and the current Curie. Kobe’s learning Jordan’s technology and the evolution of his own technology are very obvious. For example, the problem of supporting the waist, Kobe Bryant did change in the later period.

Why can a catcher throw the ball to an infield player after the pitcher throws it to the catcher?

The rules do not stipulate that the catcher can only return the ball to the pitcher, and the catcher is also a member of the infield. The field player can pass the ball at will under the live ball state. Of course, there is no situation in which the ball is not returned to the pitcher, which may result in a foul for delaying the game. The pitcher throws the ball to the catcher. The catcher catches the ball. At this time, the game is always in a live ball state. The live ball means that the base runner can run away from the base to the next base at any time without fouls. The live ball also means that the catcher can pass the ball to any infield player without fouls. The most common are the following three situations:

  1. There are people on first or third base, pitcher throws the ball, catcher catches the ball, catcher notices that the first / third base runner is too far away from base and has no intention of returning to base, and he will pass the ball to first / third base runner. At this time, runner will realize that the wrong force starts to return to base. If the ball is faster than man, it can usually make touch and kill out.
  2. There are runners and pitchers on the first base. At this time, the first base runner steals the base and runs to the second base. The catcher looks at it, catches the ball, and immediately passes the ball to the second base runner waiting on the second base. If the ball is faster than the runner, it can usually make a touch out, otherwise it is safe to enter the base.
  3. No one is on base, pitcher pitches, strikers, and hitters leave before three outs. The next hitter will linger for a while before going on the court. This time can’t be wasted. The catcher will pass the ball to the third baseman, the third baseman to the second baseman, the second baseman to the shortstop, and then to the pitcher. Use this time to do the passing practice. In baseball games, the field players have little activity, so they will seize every opportunity to warm up their hands. It’s not good if they can’t catch the ball at the critical moment.

What are some famous cases of face fighting in NBA history?

Tell me about Lin Shuhao. As we all know, Lin Shuhao has some obsession with his hair style, which is very changeable

In 2017, Lin Shuhao got a new hairstyle

It wasn’t a big deal. Kenyon Martin, who didn’t want to disappear from public view for a long time, seemed to be buttoned up and transferred out. He released a video, in which he said: “I wonder if I need to remind that kid whose name is Lin, save it, don’t make your pigtail, and you are not black any more. I know you want to be black, but your name is Lin, OK.”

I didn’t expect Lin Shuhao to immediately reply to him, “Hey, brother, I know you don’t like my hair style. It doesn’t matter. You have the right to express your opinions. In fact, I thank you for your inner thoughts. I like my pigtail, just like I like your Chinese tattoo, which is a sign of respect. As a minority, the more we appreciate each other’s culture, the more we can Influence the mainstream culture, thank you for all you have done for the nets, I posted your poster when I was a child. ” Martin’s Chinese tattoo mentioned by Lin Shuhao

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Watch the 2019mlb playoffs and win the MLB fans’ exclusive benefits!

The regular season of 2019mlb is over, and a more exciting playoff will start soon! During the playoffs, Tencent sports platform will open a series of award-winning interactive activities to send benefits to fans and friends. In terms of events, there will be a live broadcast of the playoffs every day, and Tencent sports community will launch a winner’s guessing activity for the playoffs every day!

6月23-26日 The exhibition of sheet metal and coil pipes in Paris was postponed to June 23-26

TOL Expo is held once a year by the famous French GL exhibition company. It is held at the same time with the French industrial exhibition. The exhibition is highly professional and has a large number of professional visitors. Everyone involved in the industry, whether visitors or exhibitors, can visit tol Expo in Paris Find the products, devices, know-how or solutions they are looking for on Expo to improve all aspects of the process from design to production and service.

Scope of exhibits

Sheet metal and production equipment: sheet metal, pipe and parts, finished products, parts and components; hot rolling mill, cold rolling mill, pickling equipment, hot galvanizing unit, electric tinning unit, color coating equipment, strip production equipment; plate cutting equipment, cold bending, finishing, rolling forming, cutting equipment, packaging, marking machine, etc;

Sheet metal processing machinery: Spare parts, tools and molds of relevant equipment; various cutting equipment, welding equipment and saw blades; plate rolling machine, straightening machine, bending machine, plate shearing machine, shearing machine, stretching machine, punch, coiler, leveling machine, uncoiler, flattening machine and leveler; flexible sheet metal processing machinery; welding and bonding, fastening, pressure processing, punching and punching equipment; various used for metals Plate processing machine;

Sun yangben may have been given a light punishment! CAS holds that it’s surprising that we never admit mistakes and always shirk responsibility

On March 5, CAS released more details, and even the Arbitration Commission thought that the eight-year penalty seemed too severe. However, considering that Sun Yang was the second violation of the rules, and never admitted his mistake in the hearing, and always shirked the responsibility, Sun Yang was finally severely punished. In addition, with the current objective situation, it is very difficult for Sun Yang to overturn the case.

It’s a devastating blow to Sun Yang, who has been unable to compete for 8 years. He’s 28 years old. Can Sun Yang return to the swimming pool after 8 years? It’s really too hard. Even, lawyer Sun Yang said he hoped Sun Yang’s punishment would be postponed until after the Tokyo Olympic Games, so that Sun Yang could continue to win honor for his country. By implication, Sun Yang also wants to take part in the Olympic Games for the last time and retire successfully.

However, it is a pity that Sun Yang has been severely punished. In the world sports arena, punishment for up to eight years is rare. At one time, the Arbitration Commission thought that the punishment for eight years seemed too severe, but considering that Sun Yang was the second violation, the CAS did not punish Sun Yang lightly. CAS believes that Sun Yang has committed and missed one time, but has committed the second time, which belongs to several violations of the rules, so it is reasonable to punish him for 8 years.

In addition, CAS also said that Sun Yang made mistakes. He went through hundreds of tests and knew the risk of violent anti inspection. But at the hearing, Sun Yang never regretted his behavior. On the contrary, he has been sticking to his position and shifting the responsibility to others.